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Find your perfect custom competition bikinis, figure suits, and practice posing suits at our top source for quality and style.


Suits by Shaunie creates custom competition suits for bikini, figure, physique, wellness and bodybuilding athletes. Shauna, the creator of Suits by Shaunie is a 2-time WNBF Overall Bikini World Champion and began making competition suits for herself as a competitor after repeated dissatisfaction with the fit, quality, customer service and cost of the suits she was purchasing for herself. Suits by Shaunie is dedicated to the customer experience. Never will you be stressed and waiting for your suit to be completed last minute. Never will you have something that is ill fitting or uncomfortable to wear. Since the designer is a professional competitor in both the bikini and figure divisions she knows how the suits should look and feel in any division.

Competition suits

Suits by Shaunie is chosen by World Champions and professional athletes across all federations. Multiple world titles and pro-cards are won wearing Suits by Shaunie in WNBF, INBF, DFAC, OCB, NPC, CCN, NGA, and IPE competitions.

Every suit is custom cut and sewn using your individual measurements. Suits by Shaunie only uses high quality fabrics, connectors, rhinestones and other materials necessary to make your suit. Your suit can be customized in almost every way – you pick your fabric, connectors and rhinestones. Want to be surprised or are indecisive? Shauna is also happy to take charge of making the best selections for you based on your skin tone, hair color, body type and individual style.

Each suit is fully lined for comfort and modesty. The cups are slider style so that coverage can be adjusted to your preference. The cups also have pockets with removable padding so you can add more if you like or wear none at all! The bottoms are cut to emphasize the glutes and elongate the legs to showcase your shape and symmetry. Your custom suit can be modified to the coverage that best suits your needs. Common requests are a high rise front to hide scars or skin and moderate rear cuts to address modesty or federations requirements. The method in which your rhinestones are applied has been tested to ensure that they stay intact and last show after show.

SUIT Competitor
SUIT Competitor
SUIT Competitor

Benefits of Suits by Shaunie

Quality Assurance

Your suit is constructed using high quality materials and made with precision. “Our photographic journey captures the lens view of this unprecedented event in history.”

Client Experience

Suits by Shaunie is focused on client satisfaction. Communication is clear throughout the entire process with updates and adherence to deadlines.

Flexible Payments

Suits can be made to accommodate any budget. Flexible payment plans are available.

Posing Practice Suits

Should you invest in a posing suit? Short answer – YES. Investing in a practice posing suit will help preserve and protect your competition suit. You’ve spent good money on it – make it last! Remember, your suit is handmade and all of its components are fairly delicate.

Overtime rhinestones can cloud with the build up of hard water, lotions, tans, detergents, etc. Over-washing or incorrectly washing can also cause excess glue to look white and cloudy. With regular use the rhinestones should not fall off. With constant use you are more likely to lose a few especially if they are on straps or other areas that experience frequent stretching or friction.

Your suit’s fabric color and effects (sparkles, metallics, holograms, etc.) are sitting ON TOP of the fabric itself. They can start to degrade and come off not only with washing but from friction caused by body parts, wearing under clothing and general use (tieing, untying, etc.). This can leave parts of your suit dull or discolored.

Your competition suit was made to fit you at your smallest. A Suits by Shaunie practice posing suit is adjustable and allows you to grow and wear your suit comfortably during posing sessions or during your off-season check-ins. A practice posing suit allows you to wear your favorite colors that may not necessarily look the best on you on stage. You may also choose to go with a fun or funky print that can also be rocked poolside. Just like the competition suits, our posing suits are fully lined and adjustable.

SUIT Competitor
SUIT Competitor
SUIT Competitor

The Suits By Shaunie Difference

When you purchase a Custom Competition Suit from Suits by Shaunie you are not just receiving a suit but an entire customer experience package completely unique to any other. You will be guided through the entire process of selecting your fabric, connectors, rhinestones, and coverage.

After submitting your measurements and photos your base suit will be constructed. Next, your suit will be shipped to you for fitting purposes. After you try on the suit and send photos Shauna will determine if any adjustments need to be made. Using the provided pre-paid return label the suit will be shipped back from your home – you do not need to visit the post office.* Next, your rhinestones will be applied. During this entire process you will receive updates on your suit. Your suit will be completed and returned to you at or around your 4 week out mark. You will never wonder if your suit will make it to you on time.

Every Suits by Shaunie competition suit arrives in a signature purple box. Inside you will find your suit, clear carry case, spare rhinestones and a Suits by Shaunie cleaning kit. (Only available with a competition suit purchase)

Shauna being a two-time WNBF Overall Bikini World Champion understands how important it is to have a timely, stress free experience that leads to a suit that fits and flatters your shape perfectly. You will not be disappointed with Suits by Shaunie. She started off making the suits for Team SUF, but has now opened the doors to any team or competitor in search of a suit. 

*Time permitting for US customers only. It is recommended that you order your suit as early as possible. 

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What the Athletes say

Jessica Hiatt

I have one word to describe Suits by Shaunie... Perfection, in both quality and customer service. The suits are expertly made and fit like a glove.

Allison K.

Not only was the suit she made beautiful, the craftsmanship was perfect and she made sure the that fit was just right for my body type.

Stephanie H.

I’ve worn many suits but Suits by Shaunie is by far the most flattering, beautiful and comfortable suit I’ve ever worn.

Aimee B.

Shauna makes exceptionally beautiful suits and working with her was an amazing experience. I am so happy I trusted her! You will absolutely love wearing a Suit by Shaunie I promise!