Elizabeth Sloan

WNBF Bikini Pro

I have tried suits from a few different individuals, but none compare to the perfect fit and comfort offered by Shauna’s suits. Whether the suit is a posing/practice suit or a stage suit, the quality is absolutely amazing. I am an incredibly picky individual, so ordering a new suit is always a nerve-wracking process for me. However, as soon as I received my posing suit, I was hooked. I knew I needed to order a stage suit as well. The posing suit was adjustable in all the right places, so it was comfortable throughout all stages of prep. And that stage suit!!! I told

Shauna an idea of what I wanted the suit to look like and gave her license to design as she saw fit, and Oh. My. Goodness. She did not disappoint. I felt so beautiful in that suit and it certainly gave me a confidence boost. I am so excited to order my next suit from Shauna.